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Bringing ideas to life
Building prototypes

Building prototypes - Bringing ideas to life

In Design Thinking, teams build prototypes of their ideas in order to test critical functions as early as possible. They use digital tools or pen and paper to translate an idea into sketches and make it tangible for potential users.

The prototypes also give the teams a clearer picture of their idea and they are also better able to communicate their idea to colleagues and superiors.

Method: Sketching out the flow of ideas

To further develop a new idea, it is sunny for the team to first visualize the idea in context: Who will use the new solution and in what situation? How do users interact with the solution? What happens next? This creates a flow of what the idea does.

This makes it clear to the team which functions are important in this scenario and which details they can leave out for the time being.

Method: Paper Prototypes

Our team builds a prototype of their idea, using paper and pens to represent different screens of a new app. They glue these screens one after the other and create an impression of an app that is understandable enough to test it with users in a short time.

Paper also has the advantage that users give more honest feedback because the idea still seems malleable.

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