User Interviews - Where do you start?

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Our topic for the month of September is user interviews - an indispensable source of information for us.

In his book Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights, Steven Portigal discusses both the limitations and the possibilities of user interviews.


There are three possible uses for him:

⭐️ Recognize new opportunities if you haven't identified any yourself yet. Portigal speaks of new "frameworks".

🔬 For testing design hypotheses: There is already an idea that we want to test before we implement the idea as a product.

For the redesign of existing offers: New offers also change how our users perceive our products.

Portigal gives many practical tips, including: "go where the people are" - but what does that mean exactly? Our coach Selina has an anecdote from one of her projects 👇

Good luck in your next interviews!

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