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Gather feedback

Testing - Gather feedback

The sixth phase in Design Thinking takes the teams back to their users.

The user research continues: This time they test their ideas in the form of prototypes in order to understand whether a) they have come up with a valid solution for the users and b) whether they have actually understood the underlying problem correctly.

Method: Test ideas as early as possible

Our team has found a promising idea for a user need. In order not to lose any time, the team now wants to get feedback from users quickly as to whether the idea is actually valid.

Story from a project

Our coach Holger reports on a project in which the team implemented an idea without testing it first. Later in the test, it immediately becomes clear to him that the idea does not work. Sometimes it doesn't even need the feedback of the users.

The method in brief

Our team sketches the idea in the form of a prototype and invites users to try it out. Afterwards, the users give their honest feedback.

Method: Evaluate user tests

After the users have given their feedback on the prototypes, the team is asked to systematically evaluate the feedback.

Using a feedback grid, they sort through the feedback and discuss what conclusions they will draw. At this point, the team decides which phase of design thinking it will jump into next.

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